Monday 11 April 2011

Antique Rose

I am continuing work on the My Quilts page.  I have just uploaded some photos I found on the computer, and last week I pulled some of my earlier quilts out from the top of the cupboard and took photos of them.  I will upload them soon.

I thought I would share in more detail a quilt I made in 2006.  Until I made Cherry Chocolate last year, Antique Rose was my favourite.  I have used images from this quilt for my web site, and blog header.

I was planning to do some kind of appliqué in the setting triangles and then quilt the feathers around it.  But when the top was coming together, it felt wrong.  So I substituted the cross hatching instead, and was much happier with the result.


  1. Beautiful quilting Desley - really beautiful!!

  2. Your work is so pretty and amazingly detailed. What batt do you like to use?