Wednesday 14 September 2011

Star Medallion Quilt

This lovely quilt made by Anne could have been either custom or allover quilted, and we discussed both options.

Anne decided to have allover quilting, and chose my favourite freehand feather plume. I love how the feathers are in keeping with the style and fabrics of the quilt, and how they show up beautifully in the plainer areas around the star.

The result is beautiful, soft and traditional, without the time (and cost) required for a fully custom quilted quilt.

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  1. Beautiful!! Love that pattern!

  2. Gorgeous! Your feathers are lovely!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting
    I almost always chose Deb's Feathers panto for my all over quilting.
    just gives my reproduction quilts that antique look/feel I am always trying to achieve.

  5. Very pretty the feathers really look nice on this quilt.

  6. Beautiful! You always find a way to suit the personality of the quilt. Great use of feathers.