Monday 22 October 2012

Australian Machine Quilters Festival

Late September, early October the AMQF was held in Adelaide.  I had been looking forward to going for months, and had our accommodation booked back in May. 

Even though I was only just over a week out of hospital, I was determined to still go, and got my doctor’s reluctant ok.

We had one day at the show, and Paul pushed me around in the wheelchair.  The quilts were amazing and so inspiring.

The trip, especially the long drive from Melbourne to Adeliade, really took it out of my physically so soon after my accident, but I wouldn’t have missed it, and am so glad I went.

This is a picture of Chris Serong’s quilt, ‘Circle Back in Time’ that I quilted earlier in the year.  I will have more close ups of it in my next post.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing a close up of the quilting on Chris's quilt.

  2. OMG I loved the festival. I flew over from NZ and stayed with my sister. My mind is still spinning with all the ideas to get me started using my machine.
    Glad you got to see the quilts and I did love this one but didn't realise you had quilted it.

  3. glad you were able to attend, and what a hero your DH is to drive all the way and and push you around the show. I suspect mine would not. Even tho' i am a "local" i clean forgot to book for any of the workshops, but thouroughly enjoyed the show.. all of the quilts were magnificent, daunting and awe-inspiring at the same time. Hope you continue on the road to recovery