Tuesday 11 December 2012


On the weekend Paul trimmed back the vine on the back fence.  As he was doing so, he found a possum hidden in there.

It was quite tame, and nibbled on the piece of bread he gave it.  It was very cute, but I wonder if this was the one that got into our roof last winter and was disturbing my sleep.  I didn’t think it was cute then.  

Paul didn’t cut the vine back too much around the little critter’s home so he wouldn’t disturb him too much.


  1. Wow! You guys have cute little possums. :D The ones we had in Florida were UGLY and had the NASTIEST huge fangs a good inch long. It freaked me out when one of our cats tried to attack one once. This guy's rather adorable. :)

  2. the possums here in Arkansas are ugly and sharp sharp teeth that you want to stay away from - what a different looking animal you have.

  3. It was cute and quite small -- I think it was a baby possum.

  4. Cute...... until the little buggers put on their steel cap boots at midnight, and walk across the roof line. Yeah, real cute.... NOT!!!!