Wednesday 12 April 2017

Daisy Basket

This is Bronwyn's design which she calls Emma's Basket.  The templates are available through Victorian Textiles.

Bronwyn wanted the baskets to pop so didn't want allover quilting.

I continuous curved the white in the basket and quilted a daisy with two leaves above each basket.

Around the basked I quilted an intense allover daisy and leaf design.  I varied the sizes of the daisies to give interest.

To define the border I quilted a larger daisy design which I echoed and then quilted straight lines approximately half an inch apart.

The quilting shows really well on the white back.


  1. I'm sure Bronwyn was thrilled with your quilting on her quilt, looks great. I see a 'daisy' quilting theme in your last 3 post! :)

  2. Oh my this is so lovely ! Do you quilt the little quilts? Like the little Jo Morton's 13 x 16 and 25 x 25 sizes ? Thank you, Pam from Dexter, MI

  3. Very sweet! Daisies were the perfect choice for these baskets.

  4. I just saw your blog for the first time. I love this quilt with baskets. So bright and fresh. And your quilting is beautiful; the daisies are a great addition.