Monday 29 March 2021

Mount Macedon

Yesterday we did a loop hike at Mount Macedon which included a couple of detours to lookout points.  It is the best hike we have done so far this year with gorgeous views, some really magnificent trees, and variety of terrain along the trail.  To top it off the weather was perfect for hiking.

The trail notes recommend brining poles.  We hadn't used ours since we had moved, in March last year, but I located them and I am so glad we brought them as the ground was slippery and steep in places.

The hike was a lot more crowded than what we are used to in Australia where we can often not pass anyone for hours (or sometimes for the entire hike).  Many places along this hike are accessible by car and we walked through several picnic grounds.  Therefore it was more 'human' noisy than what we prefer with the sounds of voices and vehicles, and less of birds, but we did hear kookaburras several times, which always brings joy to my soul.  However the scenery far outweighed these distractions, and when we do this hike again we will try to come on a weekday so it will be less busy. 

The hike started with an ascent to the top of Mount Macedon to see the Memorial Cross.

This is the view from the lookout at the top of Mount Macedon.

Trees covered in red moss.

Paul admiring the trees.

Me hiking through the trees.

View from Camel's Hump.

This amazing tree was next to the viewing platform and I had to get a closer look.

Paul took this of me trying to get that perfect photo.  I like that he has the compass in the foreground.  It must be pretty old as the distances are still in Imperial.

The hike continued through moss covered trees.

Sanatorium Lake where the reflections were gorgeous.

An interesting tree by the lake.

The hike back down was steep and we felt like we needed to be mountain goats to navigate it.  Once again, glad to have poles.

The map.

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  1. It has certainly been great weather for a hike - Great Photos of a part of Melbourne I haven't seen for a long time!