Friday 3 June 2011

Machine Quilting Unlimited

When I get a spare moment, I have been reading the latest Machine Quilting Unlimited.  I really enjoy this magazine and look forward to my copy turning up in the mail.

In the May edition it has an article called “A Quilter’s Challenge”.

They had six well-known quilters quilt the same simple snowball quilt top - each quilter completed the quilt in their own style.

I really enjoyed seeing how the same quilt could look so different due to the different quilting.  Whilst I liked some more than others overall, each quilt had aspects that I particularly liked.

My favourite was the one done by Ronda Kae Beyer.  I especially liked what she did in the border, and the curved crosshatching really gives the quilt movement.

Stephanie Patterson’s version with freehand feathers on all the white also really appealed to me.

I was wondering if anyone else gets this magazine, and if so, what are your thoughts on the quilts in this article?


  1. I have just started getting this magazine - someone brought a copy to a guild meeting and I was so impressed I subscribed right away. I love seeing these quilter challenges - they all come up with unique ways to quilt the piece, and are all so inspiring. I can't say as I have an overall favourite among them.

  2. Yes, I get this magazine as well but have not received this issue yet. And with the postal strike looming it will probably be awhile before I see it :(

  3. I have recieved my copy here in South Africa. For a year I could not subscribed- they could not send it to SA. So I was very glad when I could subscribed again. It is the only magazine where one get to see the quilting in detail. I have to teach myself from books and magazines and do not see such marvellous quilting in an actual quilt. So I totally rely on the wonderful photography in this magazine to show me what is possible.

  4. I saw this a month or so ago...One of my faves each month (every other) - especially that particular piece you outlined. Kind of reminds me of the feeling when you finish a quilt and sorta-kinda wish for a do-over!

  5. Love how they take the same piece and show the differant ways to quilting it. I have thought that would be fun to do with my local Long Arm friends. Just Love getting the magazine, having a cup of coffee and see all the beautiful creations!

  6. I am about to order a subscription so was pleased to see all the comments on the magazine. Great timing for me.