Sunday 23 October 2011

Blue Stars

Trish made my “Check Out the Stars” design for her daughter.  Her daughter asked for stars and blue, so I think Trish hit the mark with this one.
It was quilting with a freehand allover star and curl pattern.

If you would like to see my version of this quilt, I have made it twice, and there are pictures on the My Quilts page which you can access by the navigation bar above – they are quilts number 15 and 30.


  1. Just checked out your two quilts, it is amazing how different fabrics can change a quilt. Your allover stars and swirls look great on this quilt.

  2. That's an awesome allover freehand pattern, Desley! Your stars look phenomenal. If I had quilted them freehand they would have had a much more wonkier look. LOL!!! :-)

  3. Really great! My stars too would be wonkie :)