Tuesday 19 June 2012

Sydney 2012 Quilt Show

Last weekend I went to Sydney for the weekend with my husband.  On Saturday morning we went to the Quilt Show.  We both agreed that it was the best show in Sydney we have attended.  The quilts were so inspiring.

It was with pleasure I saw my quilt Ruled by Chocolate hanging there.  As it won Best in Show in Victoria last year, it travels around the country this year along with all the other Best in Show quilts, which is such an honour.

Here is a photo of my quilt with the quilt show in the background.  If you want to see close up photos of my quilt click here.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised that I also managed to include on the left of the photo a lovely shot of Rachelle Denney’s gorgeous wholecloth quilt.  Luckily I also took a photo of the quilt information for this quilt.  

I usually don’t spend too much time at at the vendors when I go to a quilt show as I find the crowds off putting, but I wanted to find  a present for a friend.  I also ended up buying some fabric for myself – I just couldn’t resist. 

After we left the show, Paul and I stopped for lunch and of course I had to pull out and play with my fabric purchases.  I was unaware Paul snapped this photo of me.

In my hand I am holding the roll of Kofu fabric which will be a gift for someone special (she knows who she is, so if she is reading this blog I bet she is zooming in for a close up on the fabric right now).

I was in Japan several years ago and was lucky enough to attend a quilt show there.  I loved the Sakizomemomen fabrics and bought some.  When I saw more at the Sydney show I couldn’t pass by adding to my collection in the same shades as what I had at home.

Here is a picture of the fabric I purchased in Japan.

Here is a picture including my new purchases in the top row.  I think they blend in perfectly.  I don’t know what I will do with the fabric yet.  Just playing with it is pleasure enough right now.


  1. LOL... I get a sneak peek!! Good job Paul with the picture! :)

  2. I love the fabrics from Japan. I also have a collection and am almost ready to make a quilt out of them. It looks like you almost have enough to plan something special. Happy Quilting!

  3. D*R*O*O*L.............LOVE them!!

  4. Японские ткани чудесные! Из них получаются очень изящные объекты.

  5. It was wonderful to see "Ruled by Chocolate" up close and personal.Your quilting is amazing!