Monday 16 May 2011

Three Days in Perth

I have just returned to freezing cold Melbourne from beautifully warm Western Australia.  I flew back on the overnight flight, so am taking today to recover from lack of sleep and the time difference.  Then it will be back to work on the quilting machine tomorrow.

A break like this always invigorates me, and I know once I start quilting again tomorrow, it will be with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

I was very pleased to be able to catch up with Joan - Joan at Leschenault  while I was in WA.  Paul and I were staying in Rockingham, so we took the short hour’s drive to beautiful Leschenault where Joan lives.  She has an amazing studio with gorgeous views from her window.  It was great to see her beautiful work first hand. (And she makes an impressive pineapple fruit cake too).

After a delicious lunch (thanks Joan, Andrea and Emily) , we went to Gnomesville which was amazing.  Tens of thousands of gnomes from all over the world have been left at the corner of two country roads.

They just go on and on, seemingly forever down the path.


  1. oh wow - Those gnomes are fascinating! Sure would love to be able to go to Australia and leave one of my own. :D

  2. i would love to see those gnomes!

  3. Desley I live in were so close to me too..glad you managed to get to TT..
    Julia ♥

  4. Nice to hear that you enjoyed your time in Perth , and also that you met someone that has the same passion as yours.
    XXX Angela

  5. All those gnomes are great!!! Love it! LOL! How nice that you were able to get together with Joan!!!!! That really is nice.