Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Green Monster Quilt

This is my friend Bronwyn’s Quilt.  Bronwyn designed the quilt and showed me a copy of the design before the quilt was completed.  As a quilter, what I really liked about it was the interesting shapes that were the background, and I spent some time looking at the design drawing to work out how I should tackle quilting it.

As I have been quilting for Bronwyn for years I am comfortable having artistic freedom.  I decided to treat each three pronged area as a whole unit and designed a feather to fit this shape.  

I do not have a computerised machine so the entire quilt was done with rulers and the feathers are freehand.  I deliberately made the feathers all slightly different, and some have little curls in random places.

The centre star I emphasised with straight lines.

The little pieced stars around the centre star I emphasised with straight lines and a row of pebbles to make them stand out a little from the rest of the background.

This is a big quilt, and there is a lot of quilting.  Bronwyn called the quilt Chrysoberyl, which is a green gemstone.  But by the time I had finished this quilt I was calling it The Green Monster.

Bronwyn blocked the quilt at my house, as she didn’t have the available floor space.  I helped her, but all I did was hold the tape measure and Bronwyn was the one crawling around putting in all the pins.  Usually I am the one doing that, and my husband just holds the tape measure when I block a quilt, so it was nice to be just the helper for a change.

Bronwyn entered the quilt in the Victorian Quilters Showcase last year.  It received some lovely comments.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Pink and White Quilt

This gorgeous quilt was made by Sue.  This is the first quit that Sue had brought me, and she asked me to go to town with the quilting on the white borders.  I was very happy to oblige.

I quilted feathers, curved cross hatching and straight lines to break up the areas on the borders. 

A plain white fabric on the back was perfect for showing up all the quilting.