Monday 22 April 2013

Spring Colours Quilt

This bright and fresh quilt was made by Jo.  She did a terrific job of placing the colours.

I quilted it with an allover freehand flower and swirl design in a very light aqua blue thread which looked lovely on it.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Warburton Trail - Lilydale to Mount Evelyn

The Warburton Trail is just under 40kms and follows a former rail line between Lilydale and Warburton.  Of course I am not up to the whole 40kms in one day, but did want to increase the distance I could push my ankle on a well maintained path.

So yesterday we decided to walk from Lilydale to Mount Evelyn and back, which had we completed the whole distance would have been over 13km.  As you can see I took a short cut at the end which reduced the walk a little.

The walk to Mount Evelyn was at a slight uphill gradient the whole way.

Mount Evelyn township was lovely with a number of cafes to choose from.  We had a delicious lunch at a cafĂ© called Heart and Soul.

The walk back to Lilydale was slightly downhill all the way.  Normally I would find this easier, but with my ankle injury downhill is more difficult.  So towards the end it was hurting quite a bit, which is why I opted for the shortcut along Maroondah Hwy. I am pleased to say that after icing it last night, today it is a lot better.

Friday 19 April 2013

Victorian Quilters Raffle Quilt

A few years back I volunteered to make the Raffle quilt for Victorian Quilters, my state guild, and here it is.

Raffle tickets are available at the Quilt and Craft Fair at the end of July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

I hope they sell lots of tickets.

Thursday 18 April 2013

The Blue Mountains

Last week for Paul’s birthday we went away for the week.  Most of that time was spent in the Blue Mountains.  Although I had to be careful due to my ankle injury, I was keen to do some hiking.

We got up early one morning and the views from the Gordon Falls Lookout were impressive with the mist in the valley.  

We then took the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.  Below are some pictures of the trail.  Given the uneven ground and steep gradients, I was very pleased with how my ankle coped.  I did have some trouble with balance on the uneven stairs, some of which were very steep, and the rock hopping in places.  I was fine if there was a railing, but when there wasn’t Paul let me lean on him.  

What is very pleasing is that my balance has greatly improved this week, which I think was result of last week’s work out.

The views from the lookouts were spectacular.  This photo is from the Majestic Lookout.  

If you look closely, in this photo you can see the Bridal Veil View Lookout on the top right.  We were there earlier in the walk.

This is also from the same lookout looking down at the Bridal Veil Falls.  If you look closely there is also a lookout at the top of the falls with some ant sized people. We were also there earlier in the walk.

A bit further on was the Copelands Lookout.  I was getting a bit tired and grumpy by this stage, and didn’t really want to take the detour to this lookout.  But Paul insisted, and the view was worth it.  

We also passed a very interesting rock formation on the way to Copelands Lookout.

On Paul’s birthday I took him to Scenic World where we went on the Scenic Skyway.

Towards the bottom of this photo you can see where the Scenic Railway ends.

The Scenic railway is at a 52 degree incline making it the steepest passenger train in the world.  It was originally built to take coal to the cliff top, but now has been updated into a tourist attraction.  

And finally a picture of the iconic Three Sisters at Katoomba.  Paul walked the giant stairway to the bottom and then came back up again.  I chose not to accompany him as I don’t think my ankle would have handled that very well at all.

Many years ago Paul rock climbed with friends up the side of the Three Sisters, but it is not permitted now.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Feather Wreaths and Baskets

And the final in my trilogy of feather wreaths is Bev’s Quilt.  

I like how the feather wreaths seem to pop.  I also like the little cross hatching that Bev asked me to do at the base of the baskets.