Monday 21 December 2020

Paul's Quilt

This is the third quilt I have made for my husband Paul, and the first one where he chose the pattern.

When we were in Alaska in 2019 we visited a number of quilt shops - of course.

We were in a little shop in Sitka and Paul found this pattern.  He has always like quilts with bright colours and black backgrounds, loved this pattern, and asked me to make it for him.  As this was the first time he had specifically asked me to make a quilt for him, I couldn't refuse.  Luckily I liked the pattern.

I send away for the fabric in the pattern so I could make it exactly the same.  This is the first time I have ever made a quilt precisely the same as the pattern as I usually like designing my own quilts, changing a pattern, or adding my own fabric choices.

While I was waiting for the fabric to arrive from the US, I made a practice version in greens for my friend, and her favourite colour is - you guessed it - green.

When the top was finished I asked Paul how he wanted it quilted - assuming he would choose and allover pattern.

I have obviously taught him too much about quilting as he said he wanted it ditch stitched with horizontal lines in the border the same width as the piecing.  For those long arm quilters reading this you will know that is not going to be much fun for me.  So I talked him into having it 1/4 inched in matching thread colour and vertical lines in the border after one line of horizontal quilting.

After moving in March, and getting my machine set up in my new studio, it was the first quilt I did.  This was during the first lockdown due to Covid-19.  And yes I know I have a lot of fabric in my stash - I miss my dedicated fabric cupboard that I had in my old house.

Monday 7 December 2020

The Grampians

We got away for a long weekend staying at Halls Gap and did two hikes in the Grampians National Park.  Whilst this wasn't the first time we had got out of metro Melbourne since the restriction was lifted on Sunday the 8th of November - we did go for a day hike a couple of weeks back - this is the first weekend away we have had this year.

Our first hike was Mt Rosea circuit.  We have done a longer variation of this hike a few years back that included Sundial Peak with our nephew who would have been eight or nine at the time, but it was an overcast day.  It was great to do the hike again, and this time the weather was perfect. We got some spectacular views over Bellfield Lake at the top of Mt Rosea.

Signpost at the top.  

Don't you love the colour of the sky.  You can see the trail to the left.

Me on the hike back down, before it got steep and we had to rock scramble.

Our second hike was Wonderland Loop.  The sky wasn't as clear as rain was forecast for the afternoon.  We got up early to make sure we were finished before the rain came.  Still the veiw from the Pinnacle Lookout over Halls Gap was gorgeous.  This photo was taken a little before we reached the Pinnacle - I liked the sky as it was shortly after sunrise.

The return walk had some interesting rock formations.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Linen and Lace

I pieced this quilt in 2013, and quilted it around 2015 I think.  I found it packed away when I moved in March this year with the binding attached, just needing to be stitched down.  I had even made the hanging sleeve, ready to be attached.

It was a good project to work on in the first lockdown and finally have it completed.  I probably would quilt it differently if I did it now with less pebbles.  But I like the feathers and circles.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Churchill National Park

This weekend was the first that the 25km restriction was lifted for Melbourne and we could go hiking.  It was so good to get away and listen to the sounds of the bush - including a couple of times some kookaburras.  It rained lightly at one stage, and it smelled amazing.

This photo was taken as I was walking past what we call the Homestead.  It is a flat area where a lot of non native trees and flowers have been planted.  I surmise that in the past there was a farm here.

Churchill National Park is where we hiked regularly before moving.  If you get there around dawn you are almost guaranteed to see roos.  We were lucky to see a joey in its mother's pouch.

We were hiking here in November last year and managed to get some video of a joey and mother - although the joey was a little on the large size so I doubt would be able to get into its mother's pouch for much longer.

The giggling at the end of the video is my niece who was eight at the time.

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Jelly Roll Crosses

I made this quilt to use up a jelly roll I had won.   I quilted it with allover freehand feathers.  

I plan to give it to a friend that will find a good home for it.

The back was pieced to use up some fabric I had in my stash, but you can see the quilting nicely with the white thread.

Monday 19 October 2020

Coast Walk

Today Covid restrictions were eased and we could increase the travel distance from 5kms to 25kms from home.  So I drove to Spotswood and went for a walk along the coast for a change of scenery.

Although it came over cloudy towards the end of my walk, I love this picture of Melbourne in the distance with the shipping port to the right and seagulls in the foreground.

Here is the map.  I walked just over 25kms.  

Thursday 8 October 2020

Churn Dash Chain

I made this quilt top for a friend a several years ago, and finished quilting it a couple of months ago whilst most people in Melbourne were stuck at home.

I wanted to create a secondary circular design with the quilting.

I trusted it to the post, and here it is on my friend's bed.