My Quilts

This page is a diary of the quilts that I have made since I started quilting in 2001.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of every quilt I’ve made, but I have kept a list of the quilts in the order I made them.  Note: The quilt is given a name and number as soon as it is a completed top.  (So it may not get quilted for some years after it gets into this list).

Click on the pictures to enlarge, or the links for more photos. 

90. Chocolate layered Wedding Cake - No. 8 in the Chocolate Series

89. I Spy Carlos

88. Windmills of Your Mind

87. Little Ray of Sunshine - Made for my niece.

86. Anniversary Star - Victorian Quilters Raffle Quilt

85. Checkered Stars

84. Not a Collingwood Quilt - Made for my sister.

83. Deco Stars.

82. A Collingwood Quilt - Made for my nephew.

82a. Lots of Stars - Made for my nephew who at two nearly three helped me pick the fabrics.

82b. Teacups - Made for my niece Sinead for her 21st birthday.  I would have made her pretty much anything she wanted, but she just wanted this teacup fabric with two red strips and very simple quilting.  So I made it as ordered.

 81 Ruled by Chocolate - No. 7 in the Choclate Series. 

77 Flip Side

76 The Dragon Quilt – made for my sister-in-law Pola.  She loves dragons, and I wanted to make it a little unconventional as I thought that would appeal to her more.  The allover quilting is two patterns which I randomly changed over the quilt.

75 Cherry Chocolate - No. 6 In the Chocolate Series

73 Sunset Strip – Made as a present.  I used the remaining fabric from the Beach Houses quilt along with some vibrant red and rich cream fabric with gold flecks pieced in long strips.

 72 Beach Houses – Made as a present.  Using the disappearing nine patch design, and a fat quarter range with a wide blue border.

71 Carousel - Made for my nephew Xavier to celebrate moving into a big bed.

70 Blue Dahlia - Made for my niece Sinead.

69 Jacob's Ladder - Made for Paul's father.

68 Chocolate Sprinkles - No. 5 In the Chocolate Series.

67 Autumn Boxes - Made for my sister Kathleen.

66 Eight, Nine, Ten - Made for Paul's mother.

65 Purple Moon – still unquilted.  Made from left overs from Eclipse.

64 Electric Splash - Made for my nephew Jeremy.

63 Blood Rose - Made as a present.  A soft quilt with a lovely rose fabric, white and pale pink.

62 Antique Squares

61 Circus - Made for my niece Mila.

  60b Disorderly Order - Made for my niece Danica (who is Michaela's twin).

 60a Orderly Disorder - Made for my niece Michaela's (who is Danica's twin).

59 Eclipse - Made as a present for Paul's sister Christina.  Her favourite colour is purple.  She cried when I surprised her with it, which was very touching.

58 Spring Fall – still unquilted.

57 All Star - Made for my nephew Asher.

55 Rhapsody in Blue - Made for my husband Paul, but we had only known each other six months when I gave it to him.  He likes quilts with secondary designs, and his favourite colour is blue. 

54 King Brown – A large functional quilt, with a light cotton batting which I have on my bed in summer.  It didn’t even make a dent in my brown fabric stash.

50 Dragon's Path - Made as a present.

49  Chocolate Overdose - No. 4 In the Chocolate Series

48 Illumination - No. 3 In the Chocolate Series

 46 Antique Rose

45 Essentially White – Made as a present in white, pale pink and a soft rose fabric.  Consisting of six inch squares of the rose fabric and quarter triangle squares of the pink and white fabric.

44 Feathered Rose

43 Criss Cross
42 Daisy Chain - Made as a present.

41 Ocean Blue – Made as a present.  As the name suggests it was made of lots of ocean blue fabrics.  One inch strips pieced into six inch blocks.

40 Celebration - Round Robin.

39 Not Quite Stripes - Made for my nice Sinead when she was a broding school.  The border fabric has glow in the dark stars on it.

38 Baldy - No. 2 In the Chocolate Series

37 Hearts and Diamonds

36 English Garden - Made as a present in green, pink and cream fabric.

35 Chained Star

34 Lavender Horizon

33 Roses in my Garden

32 Christmas Lights

31 Secret Garden 2 (Hidden Star)

30 Check out the Stars 2 (Green)

29 Oriental Wall Hanging

28 Cottage Windows

27 Wholecloth Sampler - Given away as a present.  A practice quilt for when I got my APQS machine.

26 Super Star - Made as a present.  Mostly in blue fabrics with star blocks.

25 Regal Star - No. 1 In the Chocolate Series

24 Over the Rainbow - Made as a present.  A Bargello quilt in very bright fabrics.

23 Pocket of Posies

22 Sammy Loves Pink – Made as a present for my sister.

21 Random Hearts

20 Nine of Hearts – Made as a present for my niece Mila, and given to her shortly after she was born.  This quilt has been well used.

18 Secret Garden - Made as a present in green and cream fabric.

17 Simply Stars - Given away as a present.

16 Ribbons and Roses - Given away as a present.  It was my design, and I wrote notes on how I made it before I gave it way.  One day I would like to make it again.

15 Checkout the Stars – Made as a present for my brother who stumped me when he asked for an orange and blue quilt.  I think the final result came out well.

14 Irish Puzzle

13 Autumn

12 Purple Passion

11 Colours of Australia

10 Country Houses

 9 Butterfly Fan

8 Oriental Fan

7 Fantastic

 6 Strawberry Patch

5 Whirlygig Shadow

4 Autumn Leaf

3 Sil's Lily - Made as a wedding present for Silvia.

 2 Basket Quilt
1 My First Quilt