Wednesday 5 December 2012

Allover Feathers

This striking quilt in reproduction fabrics was made by Barb.  Whilst it could have been custom quilted, Barb opted to have me quilt it with an allover freehand feather design.

I wanted to try a more random feather with the feathers going through a range of sizes as I thought this looked interesting and elegant.  

I practiced drawing it out to make sure I had the feel for how the feathers would fit together.  Barb generously allows me to be creative and try new things on her quilts which usually means she gets something special.

I was really happy with how the feathers looked, and they show up great on the back.


  1. The back is so pretty! I love the variations your feathers have. Must go do some drawing of my own...

  2. What a beautiful quilt, and the feathering is divine. Must "learn" me the ability to do this. Or is it "confidence"? One day, it's gonna happen....... until then, I'll keep looking at your stunning work and dream.

  3. Another beautiful quilting job. What color thread did you use?

  4. Beautiful outcome! Such feathers are always so pretty on any kind of quilt.

  5. beautiful quilt and amazing quilting as usual
    always fun to see the magic happen with your quilting on a quilt