Saturday 24 October 2015

New Fabric Purchases

Do you wash your fabric before using it?  I know a lot of people don’t, but I always wash my fabric as soon as I buy it.

Yesterday I went fabric shopping with a friend, and bought some beautiful fabric at Cutting Cloth in Fairfield.  It is a gorgeous shop and I was only planning to buy a few things, but I walked out with two bags of fabric, and a new quilt idea percolating. 

I have washed all my new purchases, and now they are waiting in a giant mound to be ironed.

So this is what my personal sewing area looks like.  I always have several projects on the go at once.  You can see on my design wall a young girl’s quilt I am making for a family member as a Christmas present.

My ironing board really needs a new cover.  It is so bad my husband commented on it recently.  I really would like a new ironing board as this one is very old and on the small side.  My iron is also very old, but I like a plain iron, and this one works perfectly.  


  1. I am admiring your table space. Is it a cabinet? Iused to wash all my fabrics but found that if I went to a class I was using new unwashed fabrics so gave up washing them.

  2. I love maximum shrinkage when I'm finished stitching so I get lots of cozy crinkles. Using a Shout color catcher (or 2) takes away the chance of bleeding dye (which seems to be rare these days). I am careful with batiks and may add several catcher sheets in the final wash.

  3. HI Desley,
    I am so glad that you are back. I have missed you, your work and your photos.


  4. After doing a lot of testing I now soak all of my fabrics at least 12 hours. Some unstable dyes take several hours exposed to water for the dye to release. It will release eventually but I don't want that to be in the finished quilt. Some blues, especially turquoise batik, can take days of soaking for the fabric to stop bleeding.

  5. Yes I think it is time for you to splurge on a new ironing board cover! :)