Sunday 24 January 2016

Double Wedding Ring in Liberty Fabric

This quilt was made by Sue in gorgeous Liberty fabrics.

I quilted this quilt about a year ago, but forgot I had taken photos.  I found them late last year. 

Sue asked for more modern quilting and showed me some photos for inspiration.  But as the sizes of the rings on her quilt were different from the photos I needed to work out a design that worked best for her quilt.

I took a number of photos while the quilt was on the machine as I was trying to work out how I wanted to quilt the plain fabric in the centre of the rings and in the melons.  What I didn’t like I unpicked.

This photo show how I originally thought I would place the arcs inside the ring.  I didn’t like this arrangement as I felt the centre area was too small for the diagonal straight lines I planned to quilt.  I was also playing with the melons.  I didn’t like this design either as it looked like teeth to me.  So I unpicked all of this.

This photos shows that I made the centre area larger, but now I felt it was boring and too big.  I unpicked this. I had settled on the melon design as can be seen in this picture.

This photos shows the final design for the centre that I really liked. I felt the row of pebbles gave it more interest that the design in the previous photo.  The design in the melon was an early reject which was later unpicked. 

You can see in this photo the two potential designs side by side.  I know it comes down to preferences, but I much preferred the one on the left.

When I was quilting the diagonal straight lines in the centre I would start from the middle and work out to one side, then go back and do the other side.  This allowed me to get the lines at the correct angle if I did the longer lines first.  I also alternated the direction of the lines to create more interest.

Sue brought me a plain backing fabric so the quilting shows beautifully.


  1. Fabulous!! Love the end result after all the unpicking! I have a double wedding ring coming up in my customer pile, it is in black and whites with a red background......should be fun!

  2. Enjoyed reading your design process with this one. Really like how you alternated the directions of the lines, simple concept but very effective.

  3. This is beautiful. What a process you have.

  4. Very nice change from the typical feather frenzy. I love all the "final" design choices.

  5. HI Desley,

    Your quilting is fabulous, as always. I love your final design choice too. It is fun to read how you decide what design to use and how you arrive at that decision.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Worr wilting and undoing.... Omg....
    What you have done is gorgeous......

  7. I really, *Really* love how you quilted this one. Traditional DWRs deserve special attention. :)

  8. So pretty! love the final designs!

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