Thursday 2 September 2021

Single Person Bubble Buddy

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and the weather was glorious.  I was honoured that my brother chose me to be his Single Person Bubble Buddy so I am allowed to travel out of my 5km radius to his 5km radius to go for a walk together.

I take my responsibility seriously as his buddy, and will make sure we go for a walk regularly because being on your own, and working at home during lockdown is very lonely.  Also, as a bonus for me, I also get to walk in a different part of Melbourne for some much needed variety.  

This photo is along the Elwood Canal.  It looks deserted, but really I was just lucky to get a photo without anybody in it.

This is what it was really like with other people out walking too.

It was beautiful at the Point Ormond Lookout, and you can see there were a lot of people out enjoying the gorgeous weather and the view - but staying in small groups and socially distancing.  It would have been nice to stay for the sunset, but then we would have been walking home in the dark.

On one of our walks we went through Elsternwick Park which was lovely.

My brother told me that this was once a golf course that is being turned into parkland which I think is great.

Crossing Nepean Highway on the way home.  The sky was pretty, and you can see a little of the city in the distance.

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