Thursday 3 March 2011

Friendship Rose

This is a block swap friendship quilt I made in 2008.  

There were ten of us in the group and we were all given a piece of the Empress Woo fabric that I used in the border.  The only rules with the block swap was that the Empress Woo fabric needed to be used in the block, and it had to be a star block of some sort.

After the blocks were swapped the quilt could be constructed in any way so long as all ten blocks were used.

I quilted it with an intense allover feather and swirl pattern which I did freehand without any marking.  It was a lot of fun as I made up what I was going to do as I went along.

I was thrilled when the quilt won first in the Edge-to-Edge category in the 2008 Vic Quilters Show. 

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