Sunday 13 March 2011

A New Project

I made the first block for a new project this weekend. 

I showed it to my husband Paul, and he told me that I needed to mitre the corners of the outer square.  Unfortunately he is right, I was just being lazy.

Paul knew nothing about quilting before I met him four years ago- maybe I have taught him too well. For example, we were having a disagreement once because he didn’t like the way I had my PC set up (he is in IT).  He said that to him it looked unattractive, like McTavishing with Cross Hatching over the top.

I first drafted this block several years back.  It is eight inches, so the pieces are quite small. 

I really liked the original eight inch block, but then I think I added too much that it lost some of it’s impact. So I always planned to make it again.

This was the final quilt.

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  1. Christina and I enjoyed reading your post about Paul.