Thursday 19 May 2011

Hearts for a Granddaughter

This pretty quilt is Heather’s.  She chose an allover heart and loop pattern as the quilt was made with love for her granddaughter, Adelaide, who is turning seven.

Heather asked me not to quilt on the green squares made up of the four triangles because she plans to hand quilt this area herself.  As I quilt freehand, it is easy for me to go around areas on a quilt.  But because it was not appliqué or something really obvious, the hardest part was to remember.  So I placed some templates on each of the green squares to remind me to go around those areas as I quilted.

Heather pieced the back, and the quilting shows beautifully on the cream.


  1. Another wonderful quilt Desley :) I would so love to be able to get through quilts like that - but never mind - I can really apprecite what you do. and your quilts are very special! I can see you work jolly hard!!

  2. That's such a pretty allover design! That was a good idea to put templates over those areas!!

  3. I would have need the reminder too but probably more of a sign that said " DON'T QUILT HERE'!! I tend to 'zone out' when I quilt.
    The hearts suit this quilt so nicely.

  4. What a lovely pattern to reflect the feeling behind the quilt. You have done a great job of the quilting.

  5. beautiful quilting Desley...that little girl is going to adore this quilt..
    Julia ♥

  6. Wow~ Absolutely beautiful! Inspiring, in fact! :-)