Friday 25 November 2011

A Collingwood Quilt

I am making a Collingwood quilt for my nephew.

A few months back, a customer brought me a great Collingwood quilt, and I asked her where she got the fabric/emblem for the top.  She said it was from a doona cover that she bought online.  So I ordered one for myself.  I chopped up the doona cover and this is what I have made.

I am also working on another black and white quilt, but this is a coincidence, and this is not a Collingwood quilt.  I have a black, white and red striped fabric which I think I will use as the binding just so I have added another colour in the mix.

I think I might quilt feathers along the grey strips.  This is a present for my sister, and I know she likes feathers.


  1. I'm sure you nephew will love it and I hope you'll show it again when you've quilted it.
    Now what is a doona?

  2. Your feathers will make this quilt amazing. She should love it!

  3. I want to know too - what is a doona?

  4. A doona is what we call a duvet in Australia.

  5. These are going to be awesome Desley...feathers will make it even more so..
    Julia ♥