Sunday 14 February 2021

Bears In My Garden

Sometimes, even after spending an inordinate amount of time working on a quilt, I am not happy with the result.  Sometimes it is because I am too close to it, and after a little time will change my mind.  Sometimes it doesn't turn out the way I had visioned, and I will never be happy with it.  This is an example of a quilt I worked on for months last year during lock down that I just don't like.

I like the piecing, but the quilting is too busy.  There needed to be some space between the quilting elements so they could shine.

You can see this more clearly on the back.  The quilting seems to blend together and everything looks flat.

If you compare it to the back of say Stars and Diamonds you can see the difference where the lines of unquilted space allowed you to see the details of the quilting.  This is what I needed to do with this quilt.  

After I finished the quilt I needed to soak it to get out the blue water erasable pen.  When I went to block it I noticed that one of the red fabrics had run.  I was so indifferent to the quilt I didn't care, and didn't even bother blocking it at this point.  A very different reaction to when a fabric ran in this quilt where I was devastated, but luckily it all turned out in the end. 

I am not sure what I plan to do with this quilt.  Maybe I will keep it as a teaching tool when I am next giving a lecture about machine quilting as an example of what not to do.


  1. I think using it as an example of what not to do is a great idea. Most people need to see visually and that would help them see why it didn't work out.

  2. I'm really an amateur long arm-er, so examples like this are so helpful to me. Thank you for your generosity in sharing and explaining.

  3. G'day Desley,
    It is beautiful quilting but I agree with you it doesn't "sit right' with the design.
    It will indeed be a good teaching tool not just for Longarm Lectures but also for Custom Clients.