Friday 29 January 2021

Some Allover Quilts for Customers

Since October last year I have started quilting for customers again.  I am only taking allover quilting at this stage.  

Even though I have moved to the Western side of Melbourne I have been flattered with how many of my regular customers have both waited for me to come back to work after my sabbatical, and were willing to mail their quilts to me, or to drive further to drop them off.  

When I happen to be in the Eastern suburbs, which is usually around once a month, I am doing car park drop offs and collections - swapping quilts between cars - and it has been wonderful to catch up for chats with customers that have become friends.

Below are some of the quilts I have completed recently - all with freehand allover patterns.  I only quilt freehand as I think it looks organic and beautiful as well as being fun and creative for me to do.

This quilt was made my Donna who tops my list for quilts given to me since October and who has been incredibly prolific in lockdown.  I love the colours in this quilt, and how simple but effective this pattern is.  Donna chose to have it quilted in an open loop pattern which is simple and modern. 

This quilt was made by Kay who is only just behind Donna for number of quilts given to me since October.  Kay always surprises me with how creative she is by using every last bit of fabric she has remaining from a project with the secondary quilts made using up this fabric. Kay chose to have it quilted with a pattern I call reflections as it looks to me like the ripples in water.

I snuck in a second quilt from Kay.  This is an example of a quilt she made with the left over fabrics from a large red quilt she made.  Kay chose to have a pointy leaf design on it and I like how the quilting shows in the cream blocks.

This final quilt is made by Sue.  It is a cute panel and is a present for young girl. Sue chose an allover heart and loop pattern for the quilting which I think looks sweet.

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