Friday 8 January 2021

Bells Beach to Torquay

Yesterday (Thursday) I knew my brother had the day off work.  Wednesday night I messaged him -  'I feel like a walk along the coast somewhere.'  He immediately messaged me back -  'City or regional.'  I responded - 'Maybe slight preference for regional.'  Within 15 minutes he had it all planned with where we were going and where to meet.  Lucky me - I have the best brother!

We had an amazing coastal walk from Bells Beach to Torquay and back which was about 15kms.  Both of us had not walked this stretch of the coast and we can't believe we haven't been here before as it was so beautiful.

This is Jan Juc Beach.  You can see the flags put up by the surf lifesaving which you are recommended to swim between.

As you can see the weather was perfect.  It wasn't too hot and there was a slight breeze.  Of course we both had lathered on the sunscreen before setting out.

We made the walk a little longer as we walked to each look out point to enjoy the views and when we got to Torquay we went to Woolies to buy a sandwich for lunch which we ate on the foreshore.  

Here is the map zoomed out so you can see where we were relative to Melbourne.  It was a bit of a drive to get there, but well worth it.

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