Wednesday 18 January 2012

My Sister’s Quilt and a Package from Canada

I usually take a break from quilting for customers from Christmas until sometime in January.  This is when I try to do some quilting for myself.  Unfortunately life has been so busy that I haven’t had much time this year.

But I have finally been able to load my sister’s quilt and start quilting it.

I made it in colours that will match her lounge room décor.  As it will be a functional quilt I didn’t want to quilt it too heavily.  I know she likes feathers and the long strips were just perfect for them.

Just before New Year I got a lovely package all the way from Canada from Kathy of Tamarack Shack. I am so spoilt!

All the goodies have been eaten except the Mini Rolos, and the Kraft Dinner.  I enjoyed reading Kathy’s Snow Dyeing article in the magazine she sent, and her hand dyed fabrics are gorgeous.

Kathy has some fantastic tutorials on fabric dyeing on her blog.  She has the tutorial links listed on the left hand side of her page directly under the picture of Quilters Connection magazine.

I have linked to Esther's Blog for her WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays.


  1. love your quilting! lovely feathers, wow, and yummy goodies

  2. wow, you're just teasing us with your sisters quilt. Can't wait to see the whole thing. That was some box of goodies!!

  3. Desley, I was just wondering if you were giving up on us... Glad to see your post and pictures!

  4. Agree with Sue. What a tease. Love the glimpse you have given us. I love Kathy's work. I am awaiting a prize I won on her blog , of a copy of the magazine and a piece of dyed fabric. Can't wait for the postie to deliver.

  5. Fantastic feathers! I tried to have a wee break from customers quilts too, but the pile just keeps growing.

  6. Pretty quilt and gorgeous feathers. Lucky girl getting a great gift from Canada.

  7. Your sister's quilt is looking great!
    Glad you enjoyed the goodies :)

  8. Oooh lovely goodies and your quilting sneak peek looks per usual Desley!

  9. Oh chocolate and cream and strips too; what could one ask for more. lucky lucky sister. Cheers Glenda