Friday 9 April 2021

101 Reds

Another one of my quilts.  The top I pieced in 2015, but I only got to quilting it this year.  To take photos of my quilts laid out at our new home I have to move all the lounge room furniture to make room to lay the quilt on the floor.

A friend's husband very kindly made the acrylic templates for me.  I sent her the templates made from plastic and then he made them in acrylic.  It made cutting out the quilt so much easier.

The quilt was entirely made of scraps and I used up a lot of little pieces of red fabric as well as quite a few small pieces of background fabric I had left over from other quilts.

I called the quilt '101 Reds' as there were 100 different red fabrics in the quilt top (yes I kept count), and one red fabric pieced into the back.  I forgot about the binding.  So really there are 102 red fabrics in the quilt.

I quilted it with two different patterns in the circles to make it more interesting.  The circles were 1/4 inched.

For the back I used up left over strips from where I fussy cut the fabric for this quilt.

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