Thursday 29 April 2021

Tarrytown Stars and Octagon Quilt

This gorgeous quilt was designed and made by Michelle Yeo using her new fabric range Tarrytown.

The free downloadable pattern is available here.

I love how Michelle fussy cut the fabric for each star.  Even though it takes longer I decided to ditch stitch the stars to let the fabric shine.  If you look closely, I also emphasised the octagon shape around each star with straight lines, which unfortunately doesn't show up in the photo that well. 

The border fabric is so beautiful.  Originally I was going to quilt it more heavily, but decided to keep the quilting lighter to once again showcase the fabric.


  1. I just spent a few minutes going back through your last few posts. WOW, you don't disappoint with the gorgeous quilting. The Dahlia quilt border area is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful, as always. As Sharon said, amazing border!!

  3. Gorgeous!! such beautiful work , the piecer and the quilter!!! from Iowa Happy Sewing