Friday 30 April 2021

Mount Buffalo National Park

Paul and I went away for four nights to regional Victoria, and enjoyed a couple of hikes.  Our favourite was the one we did at Mount Buffalo National Park.  This hike wasn't particularly hard compared to a lot of hikes we have done recently, and the trail was well marked.  However, it had a lot of bang for your buck when it came to spectacular views. 

The hike started at Lake Catani which was gorgeous in the morning.  The water was so still there was a nearly perfect reflection.

We then hiked to the first lookout over Buckland Valley.  These are the stairs to the lookout point.

This is the view from the lookout.  As you can see the weather is perfect.

We continued along the plateau where there were several more lookouts with stunning views. This bench seat was in a perfect isolated spot and we decided to have lunch here.

My favourite photo taken after lunch.  I had just taken some photos and was standing there soaking it all in.

An interesting tree growing between the rocks.

Paul often takes photos of me taking photos without me knowing.

The map - you can see the detours off to the lookout points.

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