Wednesday 21 August 2013

Goodie Exchange

In what is becoming a tradition, Kathy of Tamarack Shack in Canada and I do a twice yearly exchange.  We both agree that it is just as much fun selecting what to send than it is to receive, and I start planning what I am going to send months ahead.

Monday I went to the Post Office to pick up my parcel and was so surprised to see the size of the box Kathy had sent. 

When I opened it at home I found so many special treats including Kathy’s favourite batting for me to try.

I love these slippers.  They are made of rabbit fur and are so soft and comfortable.  I usually wear knee high ugg boots in winter, but as I don’t have full movement back into my ankle joint yet from my injury last year getting them on and off is a little awkward.   So I will get a lot of use from these slippers, especially as Melbourne is going through a real cold snap at the moment.

Kathy’s husband made me some templates from template plastic ones I sent over.  This is going to save me so much time in marking and cutting with scissors.

I love these Cheezies snacks.  Kathy sent them in our first exchange, and I have asked her to send more each time.  This time she sent the biggest bag yet with fourteen packets in it.  I have already opened it and had one before I took this photo.  I don’t think they will last long.

This is the best hot chocolate ever.  The last container Kathy sent was almost empty, so it is good to be restocked.

Thank you Kathy for your generous and thoughtful gifts.


  1. I love those slippers! What a fun tradition. You both have such beautiful blogs to follow.

  2. Hi Desley so nice to see you again here, this is a lovely surprise to see you been spoilt. Love those slippers they are so warm straight away when you slip your feet in to them. Cheers Glenda

  3. Ooooo...those slippers are a treasure for sure (of course all else is super, too!!). What a great idea!! Hugs.....Doreen

  4. Being Canadian I had to smile at the choices of goodies Kathy sent you. My fav slippers, fav batting, my fav Hawkins cheezies, OMG candy, Werthers, Tim Hortons! How fun! Yum, Desley, enjoy!