Friday 16 August 2013

Paul’s Hugs Quilt

My husband Paul has a quilt of course, but I wanted to make him another one.  He likes bright colours on a black background so when my friend Kathy said she was going to make this quilt I thought it would be fun to do it as well so I bought the Hugs and Kisses pattern.

It looks very different with the black background as the diamonds appear more prominent.

I also plan to quilt this in January – I can see I am going to have a busy January quilting my own quilts.

You can see Kathy’s version of the quilt here.  I really like how she has quilted straight lines through the crosses, and I will likely do something similar.


  1. I really like this with the black diamonds! And Kathy's quilting is just right.

  2. I think my version was a bit too 'girly' for Paul. :). Love the black background fabric with your scrappy bright fabrics.

  3. I love the black with all the bright colours. I too have made a Hugs and Kisses with white diamonds. The black gives the pattern a whole new look. I think I might experiment with blue or green just to see what results.