Wednesday 14 August 2013

Some of my quilts this year

I have been working on some projects of my own this year and finding it pleasant to do so with my new sewing area and fabric cupboard.  I have several quilts waiting to be quilted, but just don’t have the time – I plan to quilt them when I take a break in January.
I have finished two simple quilts.  The first is for my youngest niece.  She was two when I got it finished, so later than usual (I usually try to have my nieces and nephew’s first quilt completed by their first birthday) but I think with the extension and my broken ankle I am allowed to be a bit tardy this time.

My niece is a gorgeous, independent, always smiling little girl, so I wanted to make a bright fun quilt.  I called it Little Ray of Sunshine which suited her personality.  I quilted it with an allover freehand daisy and loop pattern.

This I Spy quilt I made as a present for a friend’s newborn son Carlos.  I have made three I Spy quilts this year one of which I donated to my nephew’s kindie which will be part of their silent auction at their quiz night later this year.

I  quilted it with an allover freehand stars and clouds pattern.


  1. Love them both but I will have to say that the first is really to my liking!!! That pattern is super versatile.....and I think that your stitching choice is so perfect for both the quilt and your niece!! Hugs.....
    p.s. I seem to have a problem posting with my Wordpress ID. Ugh!!!!

  2. Both quilts are delightful. It sounds like they match very well to the children receiving them. Lovely.