Tuesday 12 April 2011

Appliqué Medallion Quilt

This was heaven to quilt.  The instructions from Denise when she brought it to me to be quilted were - lots of feathers, and it could be quilted densely.  As I had quilted for Denise before, I felt comfortable having artistic freedom with her quilt.  The quilt was beautifully pieced and appliqued.  Denise made it for her son and daughter-in-law for their wedding present.

As you can see, it is quilted densely, and there are feathers.  Almost all the piecing was ditch stitched to stabilise the quilt.  I was originally going to put some sort of curls in the wider dark pink border - but it just didn’t feel right.  The quilt was almost finished when I decided to do the pinstripes.  It took longer, but I think  it works better; giving contrast to the feathers.


  1. Oh gosh, what beautiful work you do. I think the quilting really makes this quilt come to life.

  2. This is Angela. What beautiful work.

  3. your work is just so stunning! I've been reading through your posts and oohing and aahing at every turn. They are all so gorgeous! Thank you!