Tuesday 5 April 2011


I made this quilt in 2008 for Paul’s sister Christina.  Her favourite colour is purple.  She has a king size bed so I made it really big.  I also had a bunch of squares left over, so Paul helped me made up the arrangement for the back.

I didn’t have a picture of the back of the quilt, so when I was at Christina’s house Sunday evening, I snapped it while it was on the bed.

I am making some progress with the My Quilts page.  I have put in photos for the quilts that are already on my blog.  I have also been taking/finding photos of some of my other quilts, and have started to upload them.

This page is really motivating me to document the quilts that I have made; something I have been meaning to do for a long time. 


  1. Desley, As you know I love this design and the colours you have here are totally fabulous - I love the purple and how great does it look on the bed!!