Saturday 30 April 2011

Feather Options

Yesterday (Friday) I did a workshop with Jane Monk on Zentangles.  I really enjoyed it and I will upload some pictures soon.

This weekend I am babysitting my nephew Xavier.  Right now he is having his afternoon nap.  He has been asleep for over three hours, and I want to wake him up to play some more.  I am sure all the mums reading this would be thinking WHAT????

Anyway, whilst he has been asleep I have been playing with my brand new Bamboo Fun tablet. 

Last week I was given a stunning quilt by one of my long time and favourite customers.  (The quilt was made by her sister, and is beautifully pieced).  She wants feathers in the pink diamond area made of hexagons.  But how to place the feathers she left up to me.

Here are three options that I am considering. (I am still learning how to use the writing pad, so the feathers are a bit wonky, but you can get the idea.)

I like options 1 and 3 the most, as option 2 looks a bit messy or overdone to me.

What I really like about option 1 is the balance it has.  I am concerned with option 3 that the curved cross hatching might take over a bit.

Comments are welcomed.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

I might go check on my nephew, and make a bit of noise. :-)


  1. 1 and 3 are nice. Wonder if you have to SID around the pink to make the bundle of pink hexies lay flat?

  2. oooo, I like #3! I think the hatching emphasizes the diamond shape, rather than taking over. And I also think SID around the pinks would definitely enhance.

    Gorgeous quilt!

  3. I like option 3 the best of what you've come up with so far. I like the idea of the curved cross-hatches inside the feathers, too.

    I just got done quilting a feather design in a square where I used 2 triangle feather motifs that were 3-lobed fronds of feathers...filled the square beautifully. I hope I made myself clear - it might be another option you could test.

    Beautiful quilt!

  4. it is a beautiful quilt! I prefer option 3 as well, and love the curved cross hatching

  5. Number 3 has the best balance but if your not sure about the cross hatching have you tried playing with a feather design that starts from the centre?
    What do you have planned for the white fabric hexagons? Drawing the design for your white area in might help you in your decision.

  6. I like the linea design of option #3....all those little hexagons will look like small circles and the linea design will be an aditional focus.....I always love your quilting Desley....what ever you do will be beautiful I'm sure!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  7. I love # 1!! I think it'll really enhance the top without distracting from piecing. Well any of them options will be gorgeous! I'm no help. :-)

  8. Love your drawings on the quilts - just what I am hoping to do. How did you decide on your bamboo tablet?? Is it easy to draw on.

  9. I agree with Linda: #1 will enhance the piecing without overwhelming it.