Monday 18 April 2011

Rose Square in Three Different Colours

This is my design called Rose Square.  I have taught it at my local patchwork shop, and have also given the pattern to several of my regular customers.

I have photos of the design in three different colours with slightly different quilting.

Firstly – In 2007 I originally designed and made the quilt for my guild’s raffle.  They asked me to make it in blues, and here was the result.

Secondly – After making the quilt for the guild, I then made it again for myself.  I used photos of this quilt for my very first blog post.  Click here or on the photo to go to the post for more pictures.

Thirdly – Recently I was brought the design by Di.  She had made the quilt for her daughter, Megan’s 21st birthday.  

The fabric Di used for the appliqué flowers came from Megan’s final school year Textiles Folio.  So there is a real connection for her daughter in the quilt.


  1. That's a beautiful pattern and the quilting is fabulous!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! The pattern looks so different in each color setting!! I love the quilting you did. It's exquisite.

  3. Gorgeous!! The flowers look like they are trapuntoed. Beautiful quilting,and great pattern. Is the pattern available?