Wednesday 6 April 2011

Classic Embroideries

Another one of Janet Sansom’s gorgeous quilts.  I like this one even more than her Embroideries on Black quilt that I did for her recently.  But I think that is more to do with colour preferences than anything else.  Each embroidery is different, and so detailed.  I remembered to take more close ups this time.

I ditch stitched all the seams to stabilise the quilt and keep the sashing lines straight.  Janet likes meandering around her embroideries to keep it simple.  This was the first time I did curved cross hatching on a customer quilt.  As the border was wide enough I did a feather cable.


  1. Beautiful quilt - and WOW I love your quilting !!!

  2. Amazing quilting!! Don't you just love looking at the back of quilts and see the amazing quilting! Loving your work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another beautiful quilting job...wish you lived in the US! The curved cross hatching is really attractive.